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People, I work at a craft store, meaning hello discount. One of my most prized privileges is this discount because it allows be the opportunity to buy more, much more, at a lower price. Although, for those of you who don’t know me, I am one of the most disorganized humans. I like to call it an organized disaster, but to an outsider perspective, I’m simply a slob.

To all my crafters out there, our craft supplies add up, do they not? The littlest of beads and knick knacks to the biggest bolts of fabric and weathered furniture all add up and quickly take over the space we have labeled “craft corner” in our homes. One of the biggest challenges for myself as a crafter, and I believe for others as well, is maintaining a clean and organized crafting area. Some have the luxury of dedicating an entire room to a crafting studio, but for those of us who can only muster up a little corner, a solid and maintained storage solution is a must.

I have to admit, my storage system is currently still in the making. It’s nothing pretty or cohesive like the expensive shelving and storage that is sold, it’s simply a variety of containers I’ve picked up from thrift stores and garage sales. One container for beads, one for fabric, one for paint, and so on. As I collect more supplies, I constantly am thinking about my storage space and how it will be able to accommodate for all the new members. You never want your supplies to overflow your space, so keeping true to a storage system is key in crafting success.

Also, clean it out every once and a while. Once a year I will open everything up and not only organize it further, but also discard items or supplies that I have no use for anymore. Crafters are hoarders, it’s as simple as that. Push yourself to throw out that old bottle of crusty paint and the chipped beads.

You can’t be a happy crafter without a happy space. And it all begins with organization.


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